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Baltic Invitational 2015

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Liitunud: 12 Juun 2015
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PostitusPostitatud: Reede Juun 12, 2015 16:51    Teema: Baltic Invitational 2015 Vasta viitega

We are proud to announce the Baltic Invitational Dota 2 tournament which will take place on June 22nd. All amateur teams from all over Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are welcome to participate! Teams from each country will fight their way for the top 4 spots in the group stage of their represented country, bringing a total of 32 teams compete in the brackets and proving which country’s team is the best. Total prize pool will be 500 up to 1000 euros as all money gathered from DotaTV tickets will be put into the prize pool distributed to the top 3 teams.

If you're interested in viewing or participating in the tournament, you can check out our website http://www.balticdota.comor register a team http://www.balticdota.com/registration/
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